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Located in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York in the hills of western Onondaga County, Limeledge is building a world-class woody plant collection nestled within a range of scenic landscapes. Our collections are designed to bring attention to native species and serve as an ecopark celebrating the region’s flora while introducing visitors to plant diversity from around the world.

Woodlands, farm fields, creeks, limestone barrens, and overlooks are all connected by our extensive trail system for running, hiking, and exploration.

We are different.

At Limeledge, view our New York State native plant collections, or observe plants from around the world so rare they are still undescribed to science. Compare poison-ivy to poison-oak, or poison-sumac to its harmless namesakes. Trouble telling oaks apart? Come view our large and growing collection of young plants. We are assembling collections of difficult groups such as hawthorns, willows, maples, birches, pines, and spruces.

The Raccoon Den:

Newsletter of Limeledge Botanical Garden and Arboretum

Spring 2022 (Vol. 1, Issue 1)

Fall 2022 (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

Limeledge Articles

Dr. Crim’s articles feature unusual and noteworthy plants, with an occasional splash of the more mundane

12-7-2022 The Curious Case of the CNY Coffeetrees

12-14-2022 “Blue-Beech”: An Overlooked Native Species Finally Going Mainstream

12-28-2022 Ignoble Inkberry: An Unassuming Native Landscape Staple

1-4-2023 Dipentodon: Dinosaur or Flora Obscura?

1-11-2023 Raccoon Den Fall Retrospective

1-18-2023 Your Favorite Shrub is Arrowwood? Cool. Which One?

1-25-2023 American Black Cherry: A Species of Many Forms

3-29-2023 Orchard and Permaculture Area Management Plan

5-9-2024 A Haw Lost and Found: The Disappearance of Harbison Hawthorn (Crataegus harbisonii Beadle)

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